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NZ Defence Service Medal Update – April 2011

The Royal Warrant and design for the New Zealand Defence Service Medal has been formally approved by Her Majesty The Queen.

However, applications cannot open until the regulations have been signed by the Governor-General. This approval is expected shortly.

When applications open the first people able to apply for the NZDSM will be ex-Service personnel aged over 70. Further applications will be called for as processing progresses.

An initial NZDSM presentation will be made to a small group of ex-Service personnel at a ceremony in Parliament on 14 April. The recipients have been contacted by the NZ Defence Force and have indicated their availability. These personnel are from the Wellington Region.

Regional medal presentations will be arranged by local RSA branches from late May 2011. Local RSA branches will have staff available to assist ex-Service personnel with their applications.

The medal will be engraved with your name and rank at the time that you became eligible for the medal. i.e. if you were a TEL after 3 years service then this is the rank which will be engraved on the medal.

If you served in both the Naval Reserve and Regular Force then you will have two bars on your medal both ‘Regular’ and ‘Territorial’.  How this medal is worn will be advised after the Governor General has approved the ‘position of wear’.

nzdsmter nzdsmreg nzdsm-obverse nzdsmcmt nzdsmns





1 October 2008 – New Zealand General Service Medal with Clasp Korea 1954-57.
If you served in one of the following ships during the periods detailed you may be entitled to the above medal.

HMNZS Kaniere November 1954 to March 1955
HMNZS Pukaki August 1955 to July 1956
HMNZS Kaniere 1 April 1956 to 8 May 1957
HMNZS Royalist 31 August 1957 to 18 June 1958

If you have not received the above medal you should write and apply for it. to
Medals Office
Headquarters N Z D F
Private Bag 905
Upper Hutt
VETERANS BADGE UPDATE – 19 February 2008
You are hereby advised that as a consequence of the Secretary of War Pension’s Directive WPE1 dated 8 August 2007, all personnel stationed with the British Commonwealth Far East Strategic Reserve are deemed to have War/Emergency Service for the purposes of the War Pensions Act 1954.
The applicable period is from 1 November 1953 until 31 December 1966.

This now means that all these personnel are Veteran’s and therefore qualify for the Veterans Badge. For those that do not already have one they should apply quoting the directive and their applicable service.


If you served in HMNZS Royalist during the 1957-58 deployment to the Far East you MAY be entitled to have recognition of this service as “Korean War” added to your certificate.

If you served in HMNZS Otago during the deployment to the Far East during February-April 1962 you MAY be entitled to have recognition of this service as “Thai-Malay Border” added to your certificate.

Application for this should be made in writing to

Veterans Affairs N.Z., P O Box 5146. Wellington who will then check your service records/posting card and advise you accordingly of any further action required.

Information has now been received that all ex-RNZN personnel who served in HMNZS ROYALIST during the period 9 October 1957 and 31 November 1957 and who APPLY will be issued with the New Zealand General Service Medal with the Clasp inscribed Korea 1954-57.
The new O.B.E Buttonhole Badge or emblem which can be worn by recipients on an ‘everyday’ basis, unlike the badge and ribbon which can only be worn on formal occasions. They are a visible sign of a person’s accomplishments, and are an important step in increasing awareness and understanding of the honours system. The emblem is based on the badge of the Order enclosed in a circle of ribbon of its colours of pink and grey. It is intended to be worn by those who have been appointed GBE, DBE, KBE, CBE, OBE, MBE or who hold the BEM. In total there are around 120,000 living in the UK and overseas. The emblems do not replace the badge and ribbon which will continue to be presented at the Investiture. The emblem is supplied in its own Toye, Kenning & Spencer Ltd box, carrying the Royal Warrant, along with a Certificate of Authenticity bearing the registered design number.
If you wish to purchase, please visit the website where there is a dedicated page to the OBE Emblem. If you click on the left hand menu from the home page where it says OBE Emblem Stores, then click on ‘outside UK and EU’, this will then take you to a picture of the emblem. On the right hand side of the page underneath the picture of the boxed emblem, click on “more info”, then “buy”, “view basket” and “proceed to checkout”. This will take you into the order form.

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