Jim’s Place

Hi All.
Over the recent months, you, our members, have been asked to give some thought to the frequency of our Association Reunions.

Traditionally they have been held annually on a “home & away” basis, of one in the “Auckland area” and the next “somewhere away”.

These “away” venues, have, as most of you know, encompassed all our main Cities and 4 times various places in Australia..

With the current plethora of reunions and coupled with the advancing age of many of our members (yes, let’s face up to it ) together with the ever increasing costs of travel, accommodation etc., it was suggested that we survey our members for their thoughts regarding  how often we hold our Otago Reunions.

Should it be (A)  Yearly (B) Two Yearly (C) Three Yearly

Thank you to those that given us replies…..if you haven’t, then do please let us have your
thoughts and any other comments on this…..don’t leave it to “someone else” YOU are that “someone else”, a revered member….so play your part…. have your say…….it is YOUR Association.

Jim Blackburn
Every kind wish

Jim Blackburn. BEM. Ld’H.






3 Responses to Jim’s Place

  1. Alan (tug) Wilson says:

    Hi Jim. This is Alan (Tug) Wilson. Just looking at the Roll of Honour for Otago I served on her in 1965/66 and there seems to be two names missing from that trip ie CSG Jim Harvey, he was an OSG on that trip and ASG Porikapa (Pori) Matenga please check these out and add, as required. Many Tks Alan (Tug) Wilson PSG J16959

  2. Argus says:

    The ’15 May 2011 – HMNZS OTAGO – MAIDEN VOYAGE’ links don’t seem to be active~?

    • deewhimp says:

      Much of the content was a cut and paste from the previous website, which led to some links not being active. I am working towards getting this sorted. Dee

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