Survey of retired RNZN personnel

Doug King was a retired RNZN medic and on leaving the RNZN he completed training to become a Registered Nurse. He then went on to do a Masters Degree and completed a PhD specialising in concussion. He has now completed a second PhD. He has known for a long time that ex Navy personnel have been turned down far more than their Air or Army counterparts by Veterans Affairs. He recently released a survey and by 14 December had already received over 80 responses. The target is 250 responses to the survey. He has on-going funding from Auckland University and once the survey is completed the results will be reported to the International and NZ Medical Journals. No private individuals names will be published and Veterans Affairs will not know who has completed the survey. If you have any questions you may contact Dr Doug King on 027 632 5570.
Dr Doug King is carrying out research into the health and wellbeing of retired RNZN personnel. He has sought approval from the Health and Disability Ethics Committee and has approval to continue on with the survey. He has set up an online questionnaire that retired RNZN personnel can go to and complete a questionnaire. He apologies if is a bit long winded but the information gained will be invaluable for all retired and future personnel in the RNZN.
If you wish to participate please click Survey

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